Thursday, July 11, 2013

Parker Lady Duofold for sale (SOLD)

Hello everyone! I haven't posted in a while... but I'll try to get back into the swing of things. I had to hold off on my pen purchasing due to a change in my monetary priorities. I'm still enjoying the pens that I do have, though.

For sale, I have a late 1920s/early 1930s Parker Lady Duofold in Lacquer Red, with three cap rings. I bought this for my girlfriend a while back, but she decided to just stick with ballpoints instead, so I thought I would list it here. I had it fully restored by Danny Fudge, and it is in good, working order. The nib is 14k gold, and I would classify it as a soft fine, with a hint of flex... just enough to give your writing a little flourish. Most Duofolds I've used have been a nail, but this one will give a little bit, which is pretty unusual. I wouldn't call it a full flex by any means, though. I paid more for this pen, but my loss can be your gain. :) I do apologize that my photography skills do not do this pen justice -- it's in good condition, without any cracks or damage. There is a little bit of wear on the end of the barrel from the cap posting against the imprint, right on the letter "N" in "pen" and the last digit of the patent date. The rest is fully legible. I should also note that the feed looks to be a little misaligned, but it can be moved back to the normal position if you so desire. My repair skills are too lacking to be able to adjust it myself, though. But it can be done, and it doesn't affect the writeability of the pen either way. The pen seems to have very good flow. The cap makes a great seal, and doesn't dry out between uses (which is awesome for people like me, who tend to have too many pens inked at once...) I will ship via USPS First Class w/Delivery Confirmation. I accept PayPal. Asking $45 shipped. Please feel free to leave a comment here with any questions or if you are interested and I'll reply as soon as I can. Thanks for looking!

Just as a side note, I might be selling a few more of my pens if there is enough interest:
Parker Duofold International in Pearl & Black, fine nib, mint condition. Hardly used.
Parker "51" fountain pen/liquid lead set, mint condition and hardly used. I purchased these as NOS. Sac is still perfectly clear, liquid lead pencil still works. Has an unusual 14k medium nib on the fountain pen, most were fines.
Sheaffer Lady Lifetime (c. 1920s, flat-top w/pocket clip) in jade green, huge 14k nib. Fully restored by Sherrell Tyree.
Sheaffer Tuckaway in brown striated, fine 14k triumph nib. Fully restored by Sherrell Tyree.

Derek (ThirdeYe)
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