Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fine Pentel RSVP Review

Here is a review I wrote before I started my blog, reviewing the black, fine-tip version of the Pentel RSVP. I will have to get another batch of these at a different store. Perhaps the reason they were sold at a dollar store was because they had a bad batch of ink? Has anyone else had issues with the ink leaving little globs in the fine-tip made in Mexico version? Anyways, enjoy!

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-Derek (ThirdeYe)


  1. Back in grade school, this was one of my favorite pens. And then I found the Pilot Precise. The RSVP is not terrible. I guess I'd rather have this than a Bic Round Stic.

  2. Sadly, yes, I've ALWAYS had that problem with these pens, no matter the color (except the plain-Jane blue ink). Despite that, this was always my favourite pen for note-taking because it was generally a smooth pen to write with. Its barrel size and grip are very comfortable for my hand.