Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fountain Pen Ink Review -- Noodler's Zhivago

I ordered Noodler's Zhivago after wanting a dark, saturated green. I wanted to still be able to make out the green, though. I was slightly disappointed with the Zhivago as to me it looks just like a slightly less saturated black to me. The green is hardly noticeable at all, and isn't quite what I expected. The only time I notice the green is when I look at it in very bright light situations. In a regularly lit room, I cannot notice the green and all I see is black. I'm going to order Noodler's Green Marine in the near future and hopefully it will be more of what I'm looking for. Anyways, onto the review...

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An explanation of the water test:
The first sample was written, then passed over with a wet q-tip.
The second sample is just a control sample of ink that hasn't been in contact with water.
The third sample was first run under a faucet for about 15-20 seconds, then smudged with a q-tip afterwards.

Close-up of writing sample

Price paid: $14.99 on Amazon, but as of 12-23-10, it is on sale for $11.99 shipped if you're still interested: Noodler's Ink Refills Zhivago Bottled Ink - ND-19027

Update 12-28-10: Here is another scan using a broad italic nib in my Sheaffer NoNonsense:

-Derek (ThirdeYe)


  1. You can see the green when you rinse the nib or touch your nib to a napkin. I am wondering if a slight dilution would bring more of the green out? I do like the Zhivago, but agree, that if you're after a greenish black, green is rather hidden by the black.

  2. I see what you mean about how muted the green is. Even if the screen changes the color accuracy, this looks like a color I'd avoid, unless I wanted to try to blend it with a bit more green.

    I was considering this ink as a future purchase, and now I will not be getting it, so thanks for the review.