Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Giveaway 2011 Winners

Out of the 4 entrants I had, two winners emerged. The first winner, according to Random.org, is Alex of Economy Pens. The second lucky winner is... Arisu. Both winners will be notified by e-mail. If I do not get a reply within 48 hours, I will offer the items to the next person according to random.org. Thanks everyone for playing, and I'm sure there will be more giveaways in the future if you weren't a winner this time.



  1. I received your items a few days ago. I was surprised by the performance of the Bics. It was also nice to see someone using the Staples Bagasse paper, though I've noticed some parts of the pages have a different texture where liquid ink doesn't take as well. Have you noticed this?

  2. I haven't really noticed the difference in texture... could be due to fingerprints? Or perhaps I'm just not that observant. :) I usually have good results with the bagasse, it's my paper of choice along with Rhodia for quicker drying inks and/or shading.