Saturday, December 24, 2011

Yankee Pen Review

Back when I first started getting into fountain pens a little over a year ago, I had a Yankee that my dad found in the garage restored. Sadly, I was never able to use it much because of the fact that the little plug that went on the end of the cap was missing. Thus, it would always dry out between uses and became a chore. I loved the pen, and really wanted to be able to use it again so I had a little plug fabricated for it. I am now able to use it more without it drying out, so I thought I would do a short review of it. I apologize that you can see through the paper -- I wrote one of my other reviews on it thinking it wouldn't show through, but it does.

Here is my original post on this pen:
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Yankee pen - Freshly restored, no endcap

Yankee pen -- With new endcap

Yankee pen - Disassembled before restoration
Yankee pen - Freshly restored, posted without endcap
-Derek (ThirdeYe)

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