Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Parker "51" Special -- Diamine Syrah

Here is a short review of my "new" Parker "51" Special in Burgundy, with Diamine Syrah ink. The paper used was Staples Sustainable Earth.

Enjoy! :)

Left to right:
1944 Parker "51" Vacumatic in Dove Gray
1950s Parker "51" Special in Burgundy (reviewed)
1942 Parker "51" Vacumatic in Cordovan Brown
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-Derek (ThirdeYe)


  1. Hi Derek,

    Nice find! Also, thanks for explaining about the "special" designation. I'd seen that before and wasn't sure what it meant.

  2. the images are so big in size, you can use thumbnails (smaller versions) of the images in the post and link to the full size one via that.

    the page loads so heavy !

  3. Khodnevis -- Thanks for the tip. I haven't yet figured out how to do that with Blogger's software. I will look into it when I get some time. :)