Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fountain Pen Ink Review -- Parker Quink Blue-Black

Here is a review of the newer formula of Parker's Quink Blue-Black fountain pen ink. It was purchased on Amazon for only $8.25 shipped. Note: I made a "typo" in the review. The nib on the Esterbrook is a 9550, not a 9668. I got it mixed up with the 2668 on my other Esterbrook I bought at the same time. Whoops. :) Without further ado, onto the review... 

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Ink blot on paper towel

The ink & pen used in the review, note: the color of the ink in this picture is lighter/bluer than it really is.

In conclusion, I really enjoy this ink. I have read other reviews stating that it had no water-resistance, but it does appear to have a little bit of resistance. Most of the ink washed away, but there was still enough to read what was written even after I rinsed it once, swabbed it, rinsed it again, and swabbed it again and let it dry. I also read in reviews that it was more of a dark blue than a blue-black, and while it looks that way before it dries, I found that after it dries it turns into a nice, true blue-black. A great ink for under $9 shipped. Recommended!

Any questions or comments are most welcome.

To purchase on Amazon: Parker Super Quink Permanent Ink for Parker Pens, 2-oz. Bottle, Blue-Black (3007100)

-Derek (ThirdeYe)


  1. That's a great price for an ink that dries so quickly, and I love just about anything that comes in blue-black. It's interested that the blot on the paper towel has some green to it, but maybe it is just the way it translated to a digital image.

    Nice review.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I was very impressed with how quick it dried. It does have a very slight tinge of green to it, but it's more blueish black than green. Feel free to check out my latest review of the Preppy Blue-Black to see a comparison of colors.

  3. It is really great creation because you have used ink very nicely. Many people knows that ink dries quickly but they never think to make this type of creation.

  4. I plan on checking back with your ink reviews. Fascinating.