Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sheaffer Skrip Blue-Black Review

Here is a nice, underrated and often unnoticed ink that I just purchased on sale from Goulet Pens on sale (no affiliation). If you notice in the scan, there isn't a lot of blue to the ink, it's more of a gray/black with a hint of blue, but I love it. Has a great vintage feel to it, and doesn't seem to fade to teal like Quink Blue-Black does. I really enjoy the stuff, but if you're looking for something with a lot of blue in it, this probably isn't for you.

Update 9-16-14: This is still one of my favorite inks to use and I still highly recommend it. Amazon also carries it, and if interested it can be purchased for under $10 as of my time of writing this. As much as I use it, I'm still on my first bottle! Amazon: Sheaffer Skrip Blue-Black
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-Derek (ThirdeYe)


  1. I bought this ink today, and I notice it writes blue and dries somewhat faded green/gray-ish with a hint of blue.
    Nice color, though. I think I'll use it on daily notes.

  2. Yeah, it is a unique color but I really enjoy it. On most papers, it comes out dark blue/black, then dries to an almost gray-black with a hint of blue. On some more absorbent papers though, I find that it stays a more true blue-black. Weird how that works. :) I really enjoy Skrip inks.

  3. I like the color too, I wish it was available in ballpoint refills. Have you noticed this ink has a peculiar odor? Not disgusting, just peculiar, very unlike any ink I have tried.

  4. Hi Derek, I found your post on FPN, and decided to buy Skrip BB based on that. It arrived this morning and it is exactly as you say, a very subtle grey blue through my cheapo Dollar fine nib (which writes better than my Pelikan BTW), and a darker blue through my very wet jinxing 26b. All in all, a great purchase. Thanks!

  5. Jeff -- Glad you seem to like it! Even a few years later, I still use this ink almost daily. It's one of my favorite colors. Right now I have it in a late 30s/early 40s Sheaffer Balance OS Vac. A perfect match!

    1. Derek I had to come back and talk about this ink again! I bought myself a handmade Indian Gama eyedropper F nib from (well worth a look) and it arrived this morning. In dip testing some inks for 'best fit' (and nearly as a last resort) I tried Skrip BB.
      It's a revelation through this nib - and nothing like its previous 'look' - it comes out through this very fine nib as a really effective grey blue heavily leaning towards green, and I really love the combination. A really antique look.
      Big smile from ear to ear.
      Right Pen, Right Ink. Big Smile.
      Take Care!

  6. I've noticed similar results with it. Every pen I try it in gives it different results. Some may not like the lack of color consistency, but I find that it keeps things interesting. It looks good in all of its variations. :)