Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bic Cristal Gel and Cristal Clic Gel Review

Sorry for the delay in posts. Here is a review of the Bic Cristal Gel (stick version) and the Bic Cristal Clic Gel pens.

This is the first post in my "Reasonable Office Supplies" series. In the upcoming weeks I will be reviewing typical pens/pencils that you would see in a typical business environment. Tentatively, I have planned reviews for the Uni-Ball Onyx Micro, Uni-Ball Vision Elite, Pilot G2/G-Knock, Uni-Ball Jetstream, and the typical Papermate/Bic ballpoints. That is subject to change, of course. I will also take recommendations from readers if they want to see a particular pen/pencil reviewed, that I already have or can get for a reasonable price.

After my series of reviews, I will be doing a giveaway of some of the products I am reviewing. Stay tuned!

Without further ado, here is my written review of the Bic Cristal Gel and Bic Cristal Clic Gel.

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If you are interested in purchasing the Bic Cristal Gel, it can be purchased on Amazon here: BIC Cristal Clic Gel Pen or here: 7 Pack Blue Cristal Gel Roller Pen

-Derek (ThirdeYe)


  1. At first, I thought that you had decided to spell 'Crystal' 'Cristal' for some odd reason... and then I realized that it was the name of the pen! I think that I would be too bothered by the spelling to be able to enjoy the writing experience... I wonder why Bic decided to name the pen that.

    Is the blue 'Clic' also a medium? As you stated in the review, it definitely looks a lot thinner than the black stick Med.

  2. Hi Arisu,

    I am not sure what size the blue Clic is. It doesn't say on the barrel and I unfortunately threw away the packaging. It writes like a fine, so I am assuming it is indeed a fine.

  3. I'm excited to know about these. I love the Bic Cristal and am wondering if the ballpoint Cristal comes in a retractable, too. I have tried the Cristal gels, but not this style. I loved how the gel wrote and shared with a coworker, and they loved it, too. Thanks for this review! Would love to test these out!

  4. Hi Amy,

    I am not sure if the ballpoint Cristal comes in a retractable version. By the way, I cannot view your profile because it is saying that it is set to private.


  5. I just recently discovered the Bic Cristal Gel stic in black ink. I found them at Big Lots, so you know that means that they are being discontinued and sure enough when I looked them up online.....they are! :(. I prefer blue ink but I like this pen so much I stocked up even though it is black ink. Big Lots is selling them for $3.00 a box, which has tweleve pens. Not all Big Lots stores carry them and they are running out hurry. :)