Friday, January 23, 2015

Pen Addiction - Comes and Goes

I'm assuming that most readers of this blog are pen/pencil enthusiasts. Has anyone else noticed their "addiction" coming and going in waves? I go through periods of months where I put my hobby on the shelf, but something will trigger it and it comes flooding back into my life like it never left. It can be a dangerous hobby if you do not utilize self-control. :) It's like this with a lot of hobbies in my life... video games, cars, music, etc.

I theorize that part of my cyclical behavior is due to the fact that I already have such a large collection that I'm hardly even able to use all of the pieces I have in my collection already. Conserving money is another large factor. With a lot of disposable income, I could easily see myself enlarging my collection even with other items sitting on the back-burner waiting to be used.

I must say that there are still quite a few gaps in my collection that I've never been able to fill completely. I've always wanted a very high-end pen, like a Pelikan M600/M800 or a Montblanc 146, but I've never been able to afford one. I'd also like to find a good, durable kick-around fountain pen that writes finely without drying out or leaking/flooding. I've tried quite a few, but I've never been able to find just the right one to put in my pocket. The Sheaffer 100 would fit the bill if it wasn't for the clip and cap being so stiff and difficult to use. The Platinum Preppy or the Parker Reflex would work fine, but the plastics are so thin that I'm afraid they'll break in my pocket. I think the closest I've found is probably the Pilot 78G (but it also feels quite breakable) or the Cross Solo. Ideally, though, I'd like to find one with a metal barrel that could hold up better in my pocket. I've also pondered the Lamy Al-Star, but it's a bit large and the clip doesn't look good in a pocket, in my opinion. How about the Pilot Metropolitan?

Just some random thoughts for the day. Have a good one!


  1. Email me at Lost yours, George

  2. Do you know what refills will fit the Pentel 1984 Olympics Excalibur pen?

  3. I definitely think that economic factors are the primary factors that cause me to start/restart. I'm not even going to try to look into high end writing instruments because I know I can't afford them. Its even hard for me to justify duplicates of pencils I really like (Tombow 505/Pilot S20) because of the cost.

  4. Hi Roger, sorry I am not sure what refill it takes. Pentel's customer support is top notch and the contact I used to speak to regularly could probably tell you what refill it takes. She was nice enough to send me one for my gold R-7 that I have.

    Klecser, yeah... this hobby is very expensive! It wasn't just the economic factor, but it was stressful to constantly spend good money on a fountain pen just to get it and find out that there's something wrong with the way it writes. Thus begins the constant sending it in and receiving it back to try to get it where it should've been in the first place. That was happening probably 75% of the time I bought a pen, so I gradually slowed down and pretty much stopped.