Monday, June 22, 2015

Lucy approves of My Supply Room's care package

Hello fellow pen and pencil enthusiasts!

George of My Supply Room was nice enough to send me a fountain pen related care package from his collection. Not pictured is a yellow Pelikano Junior that I am letting my girlfriend use. I have been using the Parker 45, but I have yet to try the others. I can't wait to try them out. While taking this photo, our cat Lucy also approves of the gift and also wants to send her thanks. The one in the brown box is a nice looking Hero with some Russian cartridges. There are also some violet Pelikan cartridges, a Hero 616 "Doctor", and the blue one on the bottom is a Jinhao (Lamy Safari clone).

Thanks George! Visit his blog here, it is one of the main inspirations for starting this blog in the first place -- his pen and pencil collection is astounding.

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Take care, and happy writing,


  1. Glad you like the pens. I just have too many and fountain pens like to be used. I am currently using my Safaris and I still find time for my Parker 51. I also have cats. They seem to like pens.

  2. Hello,

    Thanks for all the great pen information. I have a Pentel Excalibur that I have had for decades and I cannot get refills for anymore. I found your suggestion to use a Pentel Energel refill, it worked great. Now I can keep using my favorite pen.


    1. Jeff, that is awesome! I still use an Energel refill in mine as well. I like it better than the original refill, in my opinion.