Friday, September 24, 2010

Pentel Sharplet-2 0.9mm A129 + Excellent Pencil Artwork

I ordered a Pentel Sharplet-2 on eBay after wanting a decent 0.9mm pencil. I was drawn to its simplicity and affordable price. Not only is it affordable, but it appears to be of very high quality considering its seemingly simple initial appearance.

The 0.9mm Sharplet-2 in all of its glory.

The Sharplet-2 comes in 0.5, 0.7 and 0.9mm variations. The 0.9mm version I have comes in a surprisingly good-looking brown and caramel color theme. On the clip are the words "Pentel" and "Japan" on the part connecting the clip to the pencil. The grip is a simple ribbed plastic, but is surprisingly comfortable. Unlike other cheap 0.9mm pencils I've used, such as the Paper Mate Top Notch Grip and the Bic Matic, the lead seems to retract more evenly and reliably. For some reason with cheaper mechanical pencils I've used, you never really know how much lead is going to come out of the pencil. Sometimes you can click it twice and have too much, and other times too little. This one is consistent and gives just the right amount of lead in 2 clicks. The eraser is small, but I do not plan on using it anyways as I typically use a stand-alone eraser with most of my nicer mechanical pencils.

According to the box of 12 that these come in, it is filled with 2 pieces of Pentel's Hi-Polymer 0.9mm HB lead. It does write very smooth and bold, especially for being HB lead. One thing I've found with more narrow grades of lead is that sometimes HB isn't quite dark enough for me. This lead size and hardness is just right for me, though.

If you're looking for an affordable, entry-level drafting pencil, then definitely consider the Sharplet-2. For the price (less than $3) it's hard to beat. Highly recommended! Also, be sure to check out Dave's review over at Dave's Mechanical Pencils for his review of the 0.5mm version here.


For the second half of this post, I wanted to share with you a work of pencil art that was on exhibit at the Grand Rapids Art Museum during ArtPrize. It was done entirely using a 2H pencil. Thought it was incredible:

Click to enlarge

-Derek (ThirdeYe)