Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vintage Fountain Pens + 90s Bic Find

Found these pens while cleaning out our garage. This Bic pen was something we've had around in the family since the early to mid 90s. It's got a cool paint job on it that looks like splattered paint. I tried getting the pen to work and it will work for a few lines but then it stops working again, the ink is likely mostly dried up. It has a pink ink color to it. I apologize for the poor quality of the close-up photos. My camera was refusing to cooperate with the up close macros.

The fountain pens are a vintage Yankee and a vintage Moore. Specifically, the Yankee fountain pen states: "YankeE, Michael-George Co., Grand Haven, Mich. - Pat."

Yankee Fountain Pen

The Moore Pen states: "Lever Self-Filling. The Moore Pen Co. Boston Mass U.S.A."

I did some research on them, and found that the Yankee is likely from the 1920s as they started making them in Grand Haven in the early to mid 1920s and the company moved to Illinois shortly thereafter. I do not know how old the Moore pen is and I don't know much about the company. I saw a similar one in the same condition sell for around $40 on eBay. Both of the nibs on the pens are still in good shape, but I have no experience in restoring fountain pens, so unless I find someone that can restore them, I will likely keep them in my collection as they are, not working and old.

-Derek (ThirdeYe)


  1. Head on over to Fountain Pen Network and join the forum. There are many people there that could not only tell you about your pen, but advise on restoration.

  2. JoniB - Thanks for the advice. I actually found someone who volunteered to restore them for me, so hopefully they will breathe a second life soon. :) Stay tuned.